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Thank You

On June 25, 2015

I started writing this blog on January 2012. It's been a fantastic journey since then, all thanks to you.

When I read my earlier posts, I can see how much I have improved as a person and as a writer since I first wrote them.

How to Make Yourself Work

On April 10, 2015

We make our computers work. We make our cars and bikes work. We customize them and tweak them so that they work perfectly, at their optimal level.

Then why don't we do the same thing to ourselves and make ourselves work at our peak level?

How to Fall in Love With Your Work

On March 27, 2015

At times, we seem to lose interest in the work we do.

The same work that we once enjoyed doing becomes a chore to us.

If you find yourself in such situation, there are few things you can do which may help you gain your love back for your work.

Do Few Things Well

On March 21, 2015

Whether we write, design, or draw, we want to create things that'll make everyone turn their heads and praise our work.

But while we want to be the best at what we do, we often act exactly opposite to what it takes to become the best at anything.