Books can be dangerous. The best ones should  
be labeled "This could change your life."
- Helen Exley

If there is one advice that I give to any beginner who is starting out in his profession, it is to read the best books you can find on your chosen subject.

Its only by reading what great minds would do if they were in your stage, that you begin to learn new and better ways of doing something.

One of the best things about reading good books is it transforms your thoughts, makes you act, and ultimately changes you into a better person both personally and professionally.

Over the years I have read plenty of books and it feels great to share my favorite books with you. I have included only those books which I personally found useful, and am sure that you will learn something new and benefit from reading them.

Here are some of my favorite books that you might like:

A book containing the basics of good programming and how to write good maintainable code. 

Perhaps the best book for non-designers who want to know what designing really means. I can't stop recommending this book enough, even in my posts. Its really that good. If you haven't read a single book about designing in your life, read this one. You will thank me later.

If you are struggling to find your passion in life, or the work you are supposed to do, this book will serve as a good pointer towards finding it.

One of the best books to help you break free from feeling shy, and providing plenty of basic tips and methods to become a better speaker, and interact socially with others.

This is a book containing wonderful insights and experiences of Akio Morita and how he built the Sony empire. I think this is the book about startups even when the word "startups" wasn't heard of.

A good book to take the very first steps in understanding more about yourself and the basics of living a meditative life.

A great book by Walter Isaacson that covers the life of Steve Jobs from his early days, and the role he played to make apple inc. what its today.

A really good book by Bert Dodson that teaches you how to draw. If you want to learn drawing on your own without the help of any teacher, take a look at this book.

In this book Mark McCormack shares various little tips and ways to improve your business skills. The chapters are organised in small chunks, and it makes it very easy to read few tips at a time, and learn something valuable.

If you want to read a true story about indie game developers that is as good as watching any entertaining movie, read this book. Also, as the title already suggests, its the story about my favorite game "Doom".

For more recommended books, see Good Reads by Rahul Singh (powered by amazon).

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