Thank You

On June 25, 2015

I started writing this blog on January 2012. It's been a fantastic journey since then, all thanks to you.

When I read my earlier posts, I can see how much I have improved as a person and as a writer since I first wrote them.

Over the years, I've tried to make my life as simple as possible, so that I can focus on only those things that are most important to me.

I've learned that when we chase too many goals at once, we achieve none of them. But, when we chase only a few goals in life, we not only accomplish them but also give great value to others while doing so.

And that brings me to the reason for writing this post : Starting today, I have chosen to follow the path of mindfulness and meditation for the rest of my life. And I intend to devote all my time to practicing meditation and mindfulness, and teaching others the same.

To accomplish that, I've to to make some tough decisions. And one of the toughest things among them is to remove my focus from this blog.

If I can focus only on one blog, and specifically, only on that one idea that means the most to me, I am likely to create more value for others and for myself.

Besides that, in the online world, it also helps when you are identified with only one website. So, when anyone sees my name on any other blog, they can immediately connect me with my writing on my blog Life Beginner.

You have been with me in this journey for more than three years now. Some of you have followed my writing from the start, while some of you joined in the middle. I am grateful to all of you for everything you have done for me - for giving me your time, for sharing my articles, for supporting my writing; everything.

I haven't decided whether I should keep the blog active, or should I remove it altogether. For now, I will keep this blog as it is for few months, and then take a decision.

If you'd like to follow my writing on my other blog, and if you are interested in living a simple life, and understanding how mindfulness and meditation can help you improve every part of your life, please visit This is where I will focus all my energies now.

Before we part, I only have one thing to say to you. Please keep doing the work you deeply believe in. It's important because your best only comes out when you believe that your work does make a difference in this world. That's the path I am taking and that's my sincere wish for you, too.

Thank you.

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