Work On Deep Ideas, Not Superficial Ones

On March 13, 2015

Our ideas are important to us. Because the work we do based on our ideas is important to us.

What ideas we think of today, are the ones we act on tomorrow. Isn't the work you do now based on the ideas you had before.

That's why, before we start to execute our ideas, it makes sense to evaluate our ideas first; something which very few of us do.

Ideas can be of two types: deep ones and superficial ones.

Deep ideas are the ones which come to haunt you all the time. You find it difficult, and at times even impossible, to ignore such ideas. You can't stop thinking of them, and you desperately seek ways to solve them. Such ideas mean a lot to you, and if you implement them they will improve at least your life, if not anyone else's. You work on such ideas because they are meaningful to you and not simply for money or fame.

Superficial ideas are the ones which you don't think about much. You may think it would be cool to work on them, but you don't care about them, and you could easily ignore them if you wanted to. You yourself are not likely to use the work you build based on these ideas. You work on such ideas only because you think they will make you money, or make you look good, or some other silly reason.

What ideas you work on, decide how you approach your work and how you finish it.

There are many reasons to choose deep ideas over superficial ones:

You get more ideas

When you work on deep ideas, you think it more often, almost all the time. The ideas continue to run in your subconscious, and as a result you come up with new ideas related to it even when you are not working. The more involved you are with an idea, the more ideas and solutions will come to you.

You work with more dedication

When you work on deep ideas you are passionate about it, and you work on it with full dedication. You give your heart and mind to it, and it shows in your work, too. The work thus produced has a human touch to it, and others can see the hard work, and the love, you have put in creating it.

You produce quality work

When you work on deep ideas you know exactly how your product is intended to be. You know why you want to work on your project. You know the root cause of the problem you have to solve, and you work on that. You aren't distracted and tempted to try fancy features as you know the purpose of your product clearly. And thus the things you create don't try to do everything, instead they do a few things extremely well.

You save time

When you work on deep ideas, it doesn't seem like work, as you enjoy your work. And that's why you make time to do the work, even when you are busy. This way you finish your work in less time.

When things don't go well

When you work on any idea for a long time, you face many obstacles. You come across many situations in which you find it difficult to continue working on your project, and you have to push yourself to do the work every day.

In such situations, if you were working on superficial ideas, you easily give up and let go the project and your cause entirely, for which you worked so hard. But when you deeply believe in your ideas, you find it very difficult to give up, and you're willing to push longer because these ideas mean a lot to you.

Look Deep

Whether the idea is for a book, a blog, or an app, if it's anything that you want to dedicate months and years of your life to, then make sure you do so on the ideas that you believe in. Work on a problem that you really want to solve and not just for the sake of solving it.

Your time is very precious. Your energy is also precious. Doesn't it make more sense to spend them on something that you deeply believe in, so that even if you fail in accomplishing your goals, you will be proud of the work you did, and at least you will be the one happy person who benefitted from doing it.

The world is already filled with superficial ideas, and there is already too much of it. We can be the different ones, the useful ones, who, unlike most others, work on deep ideas, the ideas we deeply believe in, to make things that really do make a difference in our and others' life.

Imagine the difference you can make to this world, if you worked only on those ideas that you deeply believed in. Imagine solving a problem that pains you most, and likely causes pain to many others in this world. If you can solve such meaningful problems, then you will prove to be worthy of your skills and talents.

The deeper the problem, the deeper the solution exists.

How deep are you willing to look for your ideas?

Thank you for your time.

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