How to Fall in Love With Your Work

On March 27, 2015

At times, we seem to lose interest in the work we do.

The same work that we once enjoyed doing becomes a chore to us.

If you find yourself in such situation, there are few things you can do which may help you gain your love back for your work.

Try the below steps and you may find that your work seems interesting again.

Do it only for the joy and nothing else

The reason we lose interest in our work is because we are forced to deal with those aspects of our work which we don't enjoy doing. For example, you may enjoy writing, but if I tell you to write only about a certain topic, you may lose your interest.

If you enjoy writing then write what you want to write just for the joy of it. If you enjoy designing then take a pen and paper and spend the next few hours designing what you want to design.

When you do your work only for the joy of it, and the very act of doing makes you happy, then it's necessary that you give a few hours of your day, every day, to do such work. Just do the work because you like to do it, and for no other reason.

Forget all rules and best practices

Throw away every rule and restriction you know about your work. There are no best practices to do the work you love. Do the work the way you want to do it and use the tools you want to use to do it. Don't worry about how a pro does it or what tools he or she uses.

Don't put any restrictions on yourself. When you let yourself free of all the rules, you create your own unique work. And sometimes, these may even turn out to be great piece of work.

Our purpose in doing our work without any rules is to gain back our lost love for our work. And you can't gain back your love if you do it under restrictions. Don't put any limitations on yourself. Limitations can make you hate your work.

Create whatever you want, the way you want

Feel free to make anything you want. If there is anything you always wanted to make, but didn't had time before, then start with that. Do whatever you want and do it the way you want.

Don't care for what anyone thinks of you or how others judge you. You don't owe a thing to anyone. You have as much right to create anything, as anyone else. Make use of this right and make things that you want to make.

Remove every mental barrier

Sometimes, the things that hold us back live inside our own mind. These are the toughest to break. It's hard to kill old habits which you have let form in you by following the wrong practices for years together.

Don't rely upon your mind to guide you in right direction. We often are our own worst critics. We see the little mistakes that we make and we think everyone will notice them instantly, when the truth is no one else may even bother about it.

Don't create imaginary problems that don't exist in reality. Don't think how others will react to your work. Do your work because it needs to be done, that's all. Nothing else.

Don't think it as work

If you keep saying that you have work to do, you may start thinking of what you love to do as "work". If you are a writer, say that I have to write today, not I have to work today. If you are a designer, say that I want to design my own app for my personal use. Then it won't sound like work.

It rather sounds like something that you really want to do. It sounds like you want to do them for your own good.

Don't take your work seriously

Don't be too serious about your work. You are not doing it to sell it or to make a living from it. Even if you are, don't think of it that way.

Don't think of it too much when you are not working. Take a break from it. Do other things. And occasionally take a long break from it, if that's what you need.

Forget Perfection

The last thing you need when you do the work you love is perfection. Perfection often takes the joy out of creating. The process of creating or doing the work is the most important one. Perfection only comes later.

If you wait to write till the perfect words come to you, or if you wait to design till the perfect design image comes to you, you will never start anything.

Forget perfection for a while. Do your work because you love to do it. Do it because you want to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, and that's the only thing that matters. Just keep doing your work, and get immersed in doing it, and forget everything you know of perfection.

Gain Mastery

This may seem a contradiction of what I said above. But your aim should be to gain mastery in your field. When you become good at your work, you seem to enjoy it more.

The more good you are at something, the more you like to do it. The more you get appreciation for your work, the better you want to be in it. Mastery opens its doors for you to try different things, experiment with your work, and create things that are so unique that only you could have created them.

This should be your ultimate goal with your work. And it will come if you just stick to creating things you love to create.

Keep going...

When you do your work every day you seem to identify yourself with it. You become a designer, a musician, or a writer because that's what you do everyday. And then you identify yourself with your role which helps you understand your own journey, and gives you a clear idea of the things you want to create with your art.

The tools that you use to create become a second nature to you. As a writer you instantly feel full of control over your keyboard, as a designer you instantly feel full control over your mouse or tablet. This feel of power and control makes you enjoy your work even more.

If you don't agree with any of the points above, that's fine too. Try any other way you know of to fall in love with your work, or, even better, invent your own ways. Be creative in your approach. Do anything that makes you love your work, even if it doesn't match with any pro's advice or experience.

You are an artist in the making. And someday, someone will take tips from you to become a pro. So make sure you love your work enough to dedicate years and decades of your life to it.

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