Creativity Isn't Limited to Arts Domain

On February 24, 2015

If I ask you to think of someone who is creative what picture comes to your mind? Of a painter, a writer, or perhaps an actor?

While it's true that such artists, and the fields to which they belong, make good use of creativity, but that doesn't mean that those who don't belong to such fields can't be creative.

Creativity isn't limited to any particular domain. Every one of us can be creative, no matter how different our field is from the regular arts field.

Whatever your area of specialisation is, you can use creativity to improve the quality of your work, to make better use of the tools you work with, and to come up with new solutions to existing problems. There is no limit to the number of ways you can apply creativity to your work.

The reason many of us don't live a creative life is because we don't think we are as creative as others. We think creativity is only for particular fields, and as we don't belong to them, we shouldn't be creative.

But, this is a mistake.

You don't have to compare your creativity with anyone else. Every one of us is creative in our own unique way. Your job is to figure out what brings out the creativity in you.

You may lack creativity in one field, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative in another field. Just because you can't be a good writer, doesn't mean you can't become a good painter. Sometimes, you need to experiment and try various fields, before you find the one that makes the best use of your creative talents.

If you don't apply your creativity, you soon start to lose it. Like any other skill you have, creativity, too, requires regular practice. And the more you practice it the more creative you will be.

If you practice creativity in one area, it also helps you to become creative in other areas. Julia Cameron explains this beautifully in her book The Artist's Way (aff link), which I highly recommend to every artist, in which she explains how writing morning pages helps you to open up your creativity, no matter to what field you belong.

If you still feel that you can never become creative, then perhaps you never will. If you still think that creativity doesn't apply to your chosen field, then perhaps it won't. But keep in mind then, that this is only your belief.

You can be as creative as anyone else, only if you first allow yourself to be. And once you believe this, you will also believe that you can use this creativity in your field to do better work, than you do now.

The first step to being a creative, is to have faith within yourself that you are creative. Accept that you are creative. Believe it as a fact, just as you believe you need to breathe to exist. This belief will give you the strength you need to be creative.

And once you believe this, you can start being creative by practicing it in whatever field you are in, or whatever your daily life is made of.

For Example: As a homemaker, you can try to optimise the way everything is arranged in your kitchen to make it more easier for you to find anything. As a programmer, you can try to write the same functions in your code using different logic. As a marketer, you can try to achieve better results using different marketing techniques.

The possibilities to apply your creativity in any field are endless. The only limitations to creativity are those that you put on yourself.

Creativity isn't limited to any domain, nor to a chosen few people. You have the right to be creative as much as anyone else.

Start to look at your work with creative eyes, and you will surely find new ways to apply your creativity to it.

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