The Just Do It Attitude Towards Life

On May 6, 2013

We know that execution is more important than idea. To accomplish your goals, you've to actually start someday and do your work. And a good way to start doing your work is to follow the right attitude - the Just Do It attitude.

What is Just Do It attitude?

Just do it attitude is to start with your work immediately, and get things done.

It means - not wasting time on doing unnecessary research; not wasting time on learning unnecessary skills; not wasting time by being lazy; and not wasting time in wishful thinking.

Just pure action. Just doing your work. That's it.

Have an idea? You sure it'll work? Just do it.

Too many times, we find ourself struggling with an idea, or several ideas, and spend so much time on analyzing each one of them that we end up doing nothing.

If you want to succeed in life, you have to work hard and create wonderful things using your unique talent. And if you just keep thinking about work, and not working at all, you'll never succeed.

So the key to success is doing what needs to be done, and start doing it as soon as you possibly can.

That's the Just Do It attitude you should strive to have in life; And not just have it, but actually apply it everyday in your life.

So, basically:

It's a mindset you live with everyday.
It's an attitude towards facing problems in your daily life.
It's a way of living, and a way of excelling at life.

When to use it?

When you're stuck with several ideas at a time, follow the just do it attitude - pick one idea, and start working on it today.

When you've already thought about an idea a hundred times, and definitely want to do it, just start working on it today itself. Don't ever wait for tomorrow. That tomorrow rarely comes.

By just doing your work you'll find that doing teaches you more than thinking. Create something using a single idea, and you'll learn more from it than thinking about a hundred ideas.

When you spend too much time thinking how big and difficult a problem is, you're less likely to begin solving it. When a problem seems too big, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and abandon it, instead of starting on it.

So to make it easier, don't try to solve your problems at one shot. Instead, do small things everyday. Just keep taking small steps towards your goals. Just Do It.

You can apply it everywhere in your life:

Want to start a blog, just start it today.
Want to learn designing, just start learning today.
Want to learn programming, just start writing programs today.
Want to make an iphone app, just start working on it today.

Most times, things aren't as tough as we assume them to be. It's our limited thinking that makes us think so. If you just take action, you realize, it wasn't as tough at all, or maybe it was tougher than you thought. But the point is, you would've never realized this, if you hadn't done it.

Doing is the key here. Anything else that takes you away from doing, might probably be a waste of time and energy.

When to not use it?

Don't act immediately on superficial ideas. You might end up never learning, if you do that. But what are these superficial ideas?

Superficial ideas are the ideas that you don't give much thought about. Usually these are the ideas that pop up first in your mind when you think about a subject. 

For example, you heard someone made a million dollars on that iphone game. So you say to yourself, "I can make a game like that. Even if I don't earn that much, I can at least make some percent of what that guy makes". And you start with creating something that's just a second rate version of the original work. And when you fail, you wonder what went wrong.

That's superficial thinking at it's best form. And you can never succeed with superficial thinking. So if your basic thinking is flawed, you'll never succeed, even if you apply the just do it attitude a hundred times.

Instead, do deep thinking for a fixed amount of time, and then take the decision that seems good from all perspectives. The key is to think just for the right amount of time, and once you make the decision - just build it and don't stop till you finish it.

But you may want to know -
Don't you need time to think on new ideas and tough problems?

Surely, you do. But what's more important is the way you think. One hour of deep thinking produces better results than a hundred hours of superficial thinking.

Sometimes, while solving tough problems, you do need time to come up with the right solution. And even when you create innovative things, you face unique problems that may need more thinking and less execution time.

But, an important thing to know is to apply thinking only when it's necessary, and when it's likely to improve your work. If it doesn't add much value to your work, it's better to stop thinking and start doing things that do add value.

When you've already thought about doing something and are sure you want to do it, don't spend your precious energy in thinking any further. Do it and see for yourself how things turn out.

How to apply it every day?

When you inculcate this habit of doing things on a daily basis, you get better at it. And what's more, you actually accomplish something. Something which you were just thinking about till now.

You form good habits by doing good things over and over again on a daily basis. You create great things by creating small things over and over again on a daily basis.

When creating new things, just get started and keep doing your work, and you'll soon find the right way to finish it. There is no way you could have figured this out, just thinking about it all the time. 

Each one of us needs his own time to learn and create new things. Don't compare yourself with others. Just compare yourself with your earlier self, or your earlier work. Keep doing and keep improvising every day.

You gain valuable experience by doing a variety of things, not by thinking about variety of things. Doing is the important part here.

Make this attitude a part of your life, and start using it from today.

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