Focus on your strengths

On May 3, 2013

If you want to succeed in life, you've to create value using your skills and talents. A good way to create value is by making your own products.

And when you decide to do that, the first question you face is what should you make?

This question often haunts beginners, and you too are likely to face it. And it makes sense when you think of it. When you decide to create your own things, you have so many ideas, and there are no limitations to stop you.

The very reason you start your own journey is to do anything you want. But instead of doing your work, you struggle with several ideas, of which you have to pick only one. And this one idea will decide what your first product will be.

But when you've so many ideas, which one should you choose?

The answer is simple - Pick one that focuses on your strengths.

Make an application that best utilizes your skills and talents. For example, if you are strong at programming, make an application that needs more programming skills and less designing skills; if you are good at designing, make something that needs more designing skills and less programming skills.

If you're a game developer, make a game that excites the player with its smooth execution. If you're a game designer, make a game that excites the player with its beautiful design.

That's how you make the most effective use of resources that you already have, and which you've taken years to develop. If you're competing against the best people, you've to make something that you're best at.

You can't compete with the best by being mediocre. To do a great job, you need all your strengths. And if you don't use your strengths, you'll only produce something that looks amateur or mediocre at best.

You have a unique talent; you have a unique potential; you have a unique vision; and you have a unique power. All these uniqueness defines your strengths.

So focus on your unique strengths, and make something that only you could have made.

You already excel in doing few things, and it makes sense to use those skills and create something beautiful. If you try to make something using skills which you don't have, then it would probably need more time to accomplish.

If you want to grow personally and professionally, you've to overcome your weak points; there is no doubt about it. But it takes time to do that, and you can't afford that time when you are starting out.

A better idea is to start creating something immediately using skills you already have, and overcome your weak points slowly.

There are many excellent people out there who do great work, and who have the knowledge to do it. To compete with them you need equal knowledge and skills.

But when you focus on your strengths, you already have the necessary knowledge and skills; you only have to implement them now. This not only saves plenty of time, but also helps you in making an excellent product.

Simply put, you can't compete with the big players by using your weakness, but you can compete with them if you focus on your strengths.

You don't have time to become best at every thing. You've to choose your own battles, and to win it, you need to fight with weapons that you've already mastered. If you fight with a weapon which you've never used before, you'll only get defeated by the one who has mastered it.

Your battles, your success depend upon your strengths, not your weakness. Try to make the best use of them, and be the warrior who can stand at the center of battle field, and is ready to face any enemy that dares to come near him.

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