Why your startup needs a writer

On April 18, 2013

If you read my earlier article on why your business should have a blog, you already know what a blog can do for your business.

If you haven't read it, read it first then come back here. It basically says how you can grow your business and get new customers through your blog.

But having a blog isn't enough. You've to write useful articles regularly to keep in touch with your readers. And to write such articles you need a writer.

Not just any writer, but one who writes using such simple language, that your readers easily understand it. A writer who can write what your readers want, and which makes them come to your site again and again.

But you might ask, shouldn't a startup be more focused on creating good products, rather than worrying about having a writer?

Yes, creating good products is the basic requirement. Remember, that you can't sell a bad product even if your blog has killer content.

But to sell your product to an online audience, you need a way to attract them to your site. What better way to do that than to give them some useful information. Information that helps them, even if they don't buy your product.

And this way you get a targeted audience. An audience who is likely to buy your product. And a writer writes for that audience and keeps them coming back to your site, by giving them a regular dose of useful information.

If you can't afford a writer, or don't want to have one, it's good to write yourself. I started my blog this way. It takes time to become a good writer, but it's worth the effort you put in.

Your startup may already have someone who can write such useful articles. And even if you don't have anyone, it's easy to get started. You just need to practice writing, and with time you'll be able to write articles that your readers love to read.

And if you are too busy to write, or don't want to write, than you can easily find a writer who can write for you.

You have to make a simple choice. If you think you can write, go ahead and do it yourself. If you can't, then hire someone who can.

It's important to write valuable content, content that gives your readers something to think, or something to do. If you provide value to your readers, they will start trusting you. And once you establish this trust, you can show them your products. If your products are really good, they won't think much before buying it.

Sounds so simple, doesn't it?

For that you need valuable content, and a valuable product. But before customers even bother to see your product, they need a reason to visit your site. That's where your useful content fits in.

First you start by sharing information for free, without forcing users to buy your product. If you continue to provide this information on a regular basis, you gain their trust and respect. Because not everyone shares useful information for free.

If you can share good advice for free, then they too won't hesitate to buy from you, given that your product sounds useful, just like your content.

But note that, blogging is a long term strategy. If you think you can publish several articles at once and expect huge traffic for your website, then it won't work. Instead keep writing regularly, and you will start gaining traffic.

Many successful startups have already done it. A good example is the team at 37signals who regularly share useful advice with their readers. You can read here, how having a blog helps them in gaining new customers.

The key is to share value now and then sell something, rather than sell something now and promise to give value later. It's like having a freemium app. You give users something for free, and if they like it they buy what you have to offer.

Make sure that you write articles that are relevant to your product. For example, if you sell website themes, you can write about how having a custom designed theme converts more readers into subscribers. Keep it relevant, and you'll get the audience you are looking for.

Also, some startups focus more on social media and less on having a blog. That's a huge mistake. People easily forget a tweet or a facebook update, but they always remember that article which makes them achieve something.

If you think about your startup as a long-term commitment, then figure out what content you can share with your users, and start writing it today. Get a writer or, even better, be a writer.

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