Why every artist should write

On April 3, 2013

Artists are creative people who give something new to this world. This new thing can be a painting, a book, or even a written article.

But how to know if you are an artist?

The answer is, if you create something that didn't exist before, then you are an artist.

It doesn't matter whether you are a programmer, designer, writer, or entrepreneur. You only have to see your work from an artists point of view. When you do that, you start becoming an artist in your chosen field.

So why should you bother, and worry about writing down your ideas and experiences?

There are some valid reasons to do so. To know this, answer a few questions.

If you create new things, doesn't it feel right, and even cool, to share your knowledge with others?

Isn't it likely that someone else also faces the same problems?

Won't it be great for them to get some guidance from a person who has already solved that problem?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES.

I can't even tell you, how much have I learned from other peoples writings. If those people hadn't shared their experience, I would have spent so much time solving the problems that had already been solved before.

Whether it's programming, designing, startups, or writing, there are tons of great material out there waiting for you to be read, understood and implemented.

When you have consumed so many resources, it's your responsibility to share your lessons with present and future generation artists.

Artists should write to share their experience, their mistakes, things that worked, things that didn't, things that they wish they had done earlier in their career.

Just remember, there will always be someone just starting out. There will always be someone facing the same problems, as you do now. There will always be someone having a tough time figuring out the right thing to do.

There are many people who have helped me in my journey, and I am sure there are many people who have helped you in yours. It's your responsibility to pass on that knowledge, and share your wisdom with the world, however little and insignificant it may seem to you.

Great artists have always created new art by learning, extending, and building upon other artists work.

When we do our work for a long time, it comes easily to us, and that makes us think that it comes easily to others as well. But you forget that everyone is a newbie sometime. You have to write for those newbies and learners, because someday they'll be the ones who extend your work and create even better things using it.

But enough with this thought about writing to help others. We already have so much to do, and it's tough to find time to do our own projects. So, you may want to know if there is anything in it for you?

Actually, there is.

You become better at communicating your thoughts.
When you start writing, at first, you won't find the right words to explain yourself. But keep writing, and you'll get better at it. People always prefer to learn in a simple and easy way. You'll learn to share your knowledge with others in such simple way, by writing regularly.

You'll become a better communicator and will be able to express your ideas clearly to others. That alone is worth taking this effort. But that's not all.

You learn more about your craft.
When you teach others, the readers aren't the only ones learning. You, too, are a learner who learns the right way of doing things. When you write down what's in your mind, you deeply understand those concepts and ideas. A good way to become better in your profession is to help someone learn it, or even better, master it.

And you never know what new things you can learn from others. When you write your ideas and read other peoples ideas, you gain fresh insights of doing the same work. You become a better programmer by reading good programming books. You become a better designer by seeing great design. You become a better writer by reading good writing. That's the way it has been, and that's the way it will be.

You get new ideas.
A common misconception is that you'll lose your secrets and strengths, if you share them with others. You fear you will run out of ideas if you keep writing about everything you know. This is just like saying you'll run out of energy if you exercise everyday. In fact, you'll only feel more energetic, and increase your stamina by doing so.

The same goes for writing. By writing, you give root to new thoughts that will eventually blossom and give you tons of new ideas. The more you share, the more you get.

You are valued and considered as authority.
When you have something to say that will help others to solve their problems, you gain respect in their eyes. When you share valuable insights about a topic, you are considered as an authority on that topic.

People will come to you whenever they want to learn something new or solve an existing problem. It feels good when you are respected by your peers and others, and this will push you even harder to create more valuable things in your life.

You find opportunities that never existed before.
Every artist needs a decent source of income to continue producing great art. When you share your work, it's not just the learners who need your expertise. You will also find new opportunities to earn a decent income by doing what you love.

These opportunities may be in the form of a new job, a freelancing project, selling an ebook, selling other products that you believe in. There is nothing wrong in making money from your work, as long as you are honest with yourself and with your readers. Just never compromise on your integrity to make a quick buck and you will be fine.

To conclude, I wish more and more people to write and share their ideas with the world, instead of keeping them prisoned in their head.

The world will know your thoughts, only if you transfer what's in your mind to something which others can actually see for themselves.

And what better and easy way to do that than to write?

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