The struggle to create

On April 19, 2013

When starting out, many people struggle to create new things. This struggle comes when you feel that what you do doesn't matter.

You think that your talents aren't enough to create something valuable. Your creations won't be as good as those from corporate giants. And this makes you feel incompetent and demotivated. And you don't get anything done.

It's natural to feel this way. I feel this many times with my own work. You want to create a simple fun game, but you get discouraged when you see highly detailed graphical games from big studios, where tens or even hundreds of people work together to produce a single game.

It's tough to compete with those big guys. It's tough for a single man to compete against many. It's tough to convince ourself that we can do a better job. And it's tough to do everything on our own.

But we need to do it. Because our work does matter. It may matter only a bit, but surely it does. If anyone who has ever created anything had compared his work with other established products, he wouldn't have done it. Everyone starts out small and, that's why, it's alright even for you to do so.

Sometimes I meet people who tell me they want to start something on their own. And then when I meet them again after a year or two, they are still saying the same thing. They didn't even do a single little thing the whole year. Not even a tiny piece of code, or a simple design on paper.

That's sad. They have talent and potential to create valuable things, yet, they struggle even to get started.

You can do so much better if you start respecting yourself just for creating something. Something that could never have existed in this world, if you hadn't done it.

Most of us don't start because we think no one wants what we have to offer. We think no one will like what we do. We are afraid of criticism and failure, that comes attached with any created work. And we fear that no one will ever appreciate what we do.

It happens all the time. Whether you create good applications, design great websites, or write good articles; You rarely get good feedback from people who consume your work.

And the whole process is discouraging.

First, you've to struggle with your own mind before starting your work. Then when you convince yourself, you've to struggle with the world to allow you to do your work. Then you've to struggle to create something worth consuming. Then when you show it to the world, you've to struggle to explain it to others.

And when it's all over, you've to struggle with criticism and deal with the reasons for failure.

And the worst thing is: you don't have a specific reason why you failed. Was your work not good enough? Have consumers failed to understand your work? Do they think it's not as good as that other product? You should have charged for your work? Or should have kept it free? Do you lack the capability to produce great things?

And you struggle to find the right answer.

But the struggle isn't over yet. Somehow you motivate yourself to start again. And the whole cycle repeats. You do your work and get the same results. And yet you keep encouraging yourself everyday, to create something useful for others.

Only if someone could sit beside you and tell you, that it's okay to fail; it's okay to create mediocre work in beginning; it's okay to get criticized for your work; it's okay to be not understood. But there won't be anyone to tell you.

What matters is you keep doing your work, and keep polishing your skills. Read good books, see the world, and figure out yourself what works, and what doesn't.

It takes time to succeed. It takes hard work to succeed. Just do what's in your hand, and let go the rest.

Someday you will get what you always deserved, and maybe even more than that. But that day isn't entirely in your hand. The only thing you can do is create the right circumstances for that day to happen.

It's just like planting a tree. First you sow a seed, water it everyday for years, take care of it while it grows, and one day it bears hundreds of fruits. The same way, you start something, work hard and keep learning everyday, continue creating great things, and one day you'll see hundreds and thousands of people thanking your for creating it.

The tree didn't bear fruit in one day. You created the right circumstances for it; you did everything you could to make it bear fruit. Then and only then did it bear fruit. Similarly, you won't become successful in one day. You have to create the right circumstances for it; you have to do everything you can to become successful. Then and only then you will become successful.

It's easy to blame everything on your situation, and don't do anything to change it. Most people do that, and most will continue to do it . Please don't be that person.

Instead, start something today, however small it may be. Just start it. And tomorrow when you wake up, you'll see that you're ahead of most people, as you already did something that they haven't even started yet.

Never underestimate the power of starting small. Everyone who succeeded, started small. Just remember you are creating the right conditions to succeed. For that, you've to start someday, right?

Success isn't separate from struggle. In fact, most times it's the struggle that leads to success.

Struggle is not optional, it's the necessary phase that you must pass through, if you want to succeed.

And it isn't that we don't know this. But even after knowing this we keep searching for solutions, reading blogs after blogs, always seeking inspiration and never starting anything. We are doing nothing productive, but just entertaining ourself, under the false impression of learning something.

Everyone knows about the struggle that's needed to create great things, but knowing it isn't enough. You have to let it sync in completely.

Only then will you actually start applying it. You'll actually start working hard towards creating your own things, and not just read aimlessly everyday how everyone else on this planet is doing it.

Sometimes, I struggle with writing articles for this blog. But one thing that keeps me going, besides the desire to make a living from it, is the satisfaction of sharing my ideas and thoughts with others.

And, sometimes, you do get appreciation. When few of my posts do well and people come and read what I've to say, that feels good.

Now when the value of struggle has synced in, I try to write good articles that are worth my readers time. And I'll continue to write so. As I continue to practice and improve my writing skills, the struggle starts feeling to be worth it.

But that's my struggle. What's yours?

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