The only thing that works

On April 13, 2013

To create a startup, you need more than few skills and qualities.

If you've to single out one quality that's a must for creating a valuable startup, what would it be?

That's the question I'll try to answer here. Putting it all down to one single quality. A quality that gets things done, and gives us hope. A quality that builds the basic foundation for a valuable startup. Note that I'm saying valuable - not just successful.

You need confidence. The first quality that you must have in abundance, or else you will never get started. It's the faith you have in yourself that makes you say, “Yes, I can create great things”.

But confidence isn't the only thing that works.

You need money - or a better term would be financial support. It takes time to create great things, and you need to reassure that you won't be in any kind of financial mess, if you go your own way.

But money isn't the only thing that works.

You need talent. If you have talent to learn new things, and that too in less time, you'll successfully don multiple hats and can work on every aspect of your product.

But talent isn't the only thing that works.

You need patience. Your ideas won't turn into a fully functioning product on day one. For that you have to work with patience. Doing small things on a daily basis that move you towards your goal.

But patience isn't the only thing that works.

You need vision. It's only by having a vision for the final product, can you start working on it. It's vision that pushes you forward to do that work you always wanted to do.

But vision isn't the only thing that works.

You need values. When everyone else is trying to trick their customers to make a quick buck, it's values that'll always win over cheap marketing tactics. Your values shows in your product, in its design, in your support, in your execution, and everything related to your product that the customer comes in contact with.

But values aren't the only thing that works.

You need creativity. Whether it's solving old problems or new ones, you've to come up with creative solutions. Solutions that'll work today as well as tomorrow, but which have to be made only by using today's tools.

But creativity isn't the only thing that works.

All these qualities are essential to push you towards your goal. But if I've to choose only one quality, that comes before all the above ones, then I would say this:

The only thing that works is hard work.

Yes, your skills and qualities won't matter much, if you don't work hard enough to accomplish your goals.

Success doesn't come easy. But when you work hard, at least you move few steps closer to it.

You get more confidence by doing hard work.
You become rich only by working hard everyday.
Your talent increases by working hard with dedication.
You gain patience by working hard for long time.
You turn your vision into reality by hard work.
You stand on your values because of your hard work.
You become more creative by working hard at getting new ideas.

In short, you become better at everything by doing hard work.

Not only that,
You reduce the gap between failure and success by working hard.
You differentiate yourself from your competitors by working hard.
You make a great product instead of a crappy one by working hard.
You change your present and future conditions by working hard.

If you are starting out, and need just one simple advice to follow, follow this one, and work as hard as you can. Only that'll turn that brilliant idea in your mind into a real product.

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