Why your business needs a blog

On February 12, 2013

If you plan on creating a startup, or already have a small business you must seriously consider having a blog.

A blog that not only discusses your product, but more importantly, provides some useful information to your visitors.

I know this from my own little experience, and would like to share with you how having a blog helps in selling your product.

So whether you make mobile apps or run any kind of online business, here are few important reasons for having a blog:

To get more exposure. Your blog helps you in gaining more exposure and spreading the word about your work/business. When you start helping others by providing useful tips and information, you actually make people aware about your existence in the online world.

To show your expertise and establish authority. When you share really valuable information with your visitors, it helps in establishing your authority and makes you look like an expert in their eyes. Once they start seeing you as an authority on a certain topic, it becomes easier to show your products to them and possibly make a sale.

To create trust. Keep in mind that having authority isn't enough. Your potential customers should be able to trust you. If they can't trust you, they are most likely not to buy your product. To create trust you have to give them something valuable without expecting anything in return.

By creating trust, I mean absolutely genuine trust, not just a show off. Your customers are smart enough to know when you are trying to help them and when you are trying to make a sale. So make sure you maintain a really good ratio of providing valuable information vs trying to sell something.

To get new clients. Many times the problem is not your product. The real problem is awareness about your product. Many people would love to buy from you, but they really don't know that such service does exist. By having a blog, you increase your chances of reaching to your potential customers, when they search online for services that are related to yours.

To get untargeted clients. Untargeted clients are different from new clients that I mentioned above. Untargeted clients are those clients who aren't even likely to be your potential customers. But they came to know you through your blog and eventually found out that having your services may prove valuable for them.

To get more sales. If you take the above factors seriously, you can actually sell your products to hundreds or even thousands of people and continue to boost your product sales through your blog.

Now, when you know these advantages of having a blog and how it can help your business, make sure that you at least give a serious thought to it. A good point to start would be to think about the type of content your users are likely to read and find useful.

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