The Ethical Startup

On February 16, 2013

A startup should be built on the foundation of ethics, and a deep sense of responsibility towards the society.

As the barriers for creating a startup are becoming lower with each passing day, plenty of unethical businessmen are attracted towards it. Rather than creating something innovative or useful for the people, they are more focused on making a quick buck.

There is nothing wrong with making a quick buck and being smart, as long as you are honest with your customers and provide them value for their money.

But there are these other businessmen who just exploit the marketing sources and make the customers believe in having their product, only to disappoint them later by giving them a horrible experience.

Unethical businessmen destroy the very basic principles on which a long-lasting business is formed. In doing so, they also harm the environment in which they sell their products.

Even ethical businessmen who do quality work are affected by it. It takes them more time to build their trust and confidence, as people become more cautious in trusting even good products.

The lure for easy money, the opportunity to cheat people and become rich, makes new founders question the values on which a startup should be established.

Contrary to what most business-minded people believe, it's actually easy to make such decisions. You only need to stand firmly on strong moral values.

There is no choice between a right way or wrong way. The right way is the only way.

Make sure that if you ever establish your own business, its based on high standards of quality as well as integrity.

A quick buck made by cheating those who trust you, won't last long. Once you cheat your customers they will never return back to you. Not only that, they will most likely share their bad experience with their friends and colleagues whenever they get a chance to do so.

If you run a business ethically, it doesn't mean you have to support your product forever. But it still means that you deliver what you mention in your product description, at least for a certain period of time, by which the customer is likely to have gained more than he invested in your product.

Also, many startups have their own blog where they interact directly with their existing customers. When people start trusting you, it becomes really important to know what information to share with them.

Your opinion, your ideas do matter. It takes only one tiny piece of misguidance to lose a trust which took years to build.

So if you ever recommend any third party products on your blog, make sure that you have used it yourself and know your customers will benefit from it.

If you recommend a product that doesn't turn out to be good, they will be hugely disappointed not only by that product, but also by you.

Your startup will not always remain a startup. Someday it will cease to be a startup and eventually turn into a profitable business. When it becomes so, your reputation and quality standards will matter even more than they do now.

The only thing that will drive you forward is the consistent focus on quality and innovation, which is backed by solid ethics and values.

Any business that has to last longer than the individuals who built it, must have such ethics integrated at the very core of the organization.

If you create your startup with this knowledge, you will always make the right decisions and prove valuable for your customers.

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