Be insanely valuable

On February 1, 2013

The era of creating mediocre products and fooling the customers is over. Its time to succeed by creating really great products, really great services and proving yourself to be insanely valuable.

Strive to provide as much value as you possibly can. You will succeed only if your users succeed in accomplishing their goals with your product.

Your customers are not dumb. They are as smart as you are. They are as price conscious as you are. They keep trying different products and finally settle only with the best one, just as you do.

The only products that attract them are the ones which provide astonishing value. A value not only for the price that they pay you, but also for the time they spend in using your products.

We as developers, designers, and entrepreneurs have to take this responsibility, that now onwards whatever we produce must give great value to our customers.

Think yourself as a customer. Would you buy your own product? Do you think that your product is the best product out there? If you answered 'no', stop right now and think what you are really doing. Stop wasting your time, but more importantly stop wasting your customers time.

Did you make any compromises in your product just to make the job easier for you? Do you say something in the product description that the product doesn't actually do? If you answered 'yes', then its time to change your business strategy. Once you cheat your loyal customers, they are never going to return back to you.

How to become insanely valuable?

The very key requirement to provide this insane value is excellence. Excellence in the way you think, excellence in the way you work, and excellence in the way you deliver.

To become even a little valuable, first learn to give insanely great value to your customers. Do this and you will start becoming valuable in your customers eyes.

Once you start giving value to your customers, they will start giving you value in return by buying your products and recommending it to others. You will win and your customers will win.

But always remember, it all starts first by being insanely valuable.

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