When Design Fails...

On January 18, 2013

A design fails when...

  • The user looks confused when he uses your product for the very first time.
  • The user has to take extra efforts in achieving his goals with your product.
  • The user has to return again and again to the guide/tutorial to figure out the common functionalities.
  • The user doesn't get proper feedback, and doubts whether his actions were registered or not.
  • The user asks himself this question “Is the product worth it's price?” and can't answer it immediately with a “YES”.
  • The user feels your product is more suitable for engineers and geeks.
  • The user never returns again to use your product.
  • The user never recommends it to others.
  • Even after using your product, the user starts searching for other similar products.
  • The user switches back to the previous version of your product.
  • The user has to input unnecessary details which have got nothing to do with his desired goals.
  • The number of negative feedback you get are more than the number of positive feedback.
  • There is no relation between the form and functionality.
  • You have to argue and debate with the user to convince him how great your product is.
  • You focus more on what the users are currently using rather than what they really want.
  • You are not sure if the users will even use certain functionalities, but include them anyway.
  • You stop caring about your users need and focus more on your personal needs.
  • You stop innovating and looking for newer, better solutions.
  • You stop aiming for excellence and settle for mediocrity.

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