Success by creating great value

On January 15, 2013

We all want to be successful. In order to succeed, we create products and services to gain potential users who, we hope, will eventually turn into customers.

Products and services become successful due to a variety of reasons.

They may become successful by providing good build quality, offering additional features and services, doing large scale marketing, pricing effectively, doing the right innovation, or a combination of any of these factors. Yet there is one way which I would like to put at the top of this list.

It is by creating great value for your users.

What does creating great value means?
It means, your users should get much more than the time or money they invest in using your products.

Your users should be delighted and enthusiastic about using your solutions to their problems. They should be eagerly waiting for your next work.

It is this kind of value that I am talking about. An experience that exceeds the users expectations.

Once you do that, they will keep spreading the word for you and continue to come back to you for getting solutions.

It's not easy to create such kind of experience, but when it happens you have earned yourself a loyal customer.

Your users can be anyone based on your work and the services you are providing. They can be users of your mobile app, readers of your blog, or subscribers using your services. Basically, anyone who uses something that you have created.

When you provide your best, and only your best stuff, to your users, without holding anything back, your users are also likely to notice this act and appreciate it.

This is when they start trusting your work and turn into customers. To establish this trust, you have to take the first step by offering your services genuinely and with complete honesty.

Your users would never ever take this first step. It is YOU who has to make this effort for earning a loyal customer.

It is this loyalty and trust that will help you in gaining long-term success. Success that will last over a lifetime, rather than a few months or years.

The key point is that your users should be able to benefit from your work. They should be able to improve their lives in some way - whether personally or professionally. They must be able to attain their goals and have a great experience in doing so.

Just because you are offering something for free doesn't mean you are doing any favor to your users. Remember, the users are still investing their precious time in using your services and hence expect at least something in return.

How to make something that gives such kind of value to the users?
In order to do this, we have to identify what are some common factors that determine the value of a product.

Products and services that provide great value show these common traits:

  • They do the work that they promise to do.
  • They never make false promises and pretend to be something that they are not.
  • They persevere to improve user satisfaction with every update. You can feel and see the hard work undergone in making them, by using the product.
  • They are more about the users and less about themselves i.e. They give more space and importance to the users actions, as they silently disappear in the background.
  • They rely on the quality of their work to take them forward towards success.
  • Overall, they provide such great value that the users are naturally compelled to buy them and other future products, in return for the value they got by using the existing products.
Having understood the importance of providing exceptional value, we can start to carefully look at our existing work and make a sincere and honest attempt to improve it to delight our users.

I hope after reading this post, you will also take necessary steps towards providing great value, by your work, to every person who comes in contact with it.

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