4 absolutely basic things that your product must do

On January 29, 2013

Are you making your first product and wondering what are the core basic things that it's supposed to do.

Here is a quick list with the 4 most basic things that your product must do.

Solve the users problem

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Your product must solve a real world problem. It can be a very simple problem that they face in their daily life, or a huge problem that no one else has solved till now.

Ask yourself this one question: “Who will buy your product and why will they buy it?”. The answer to this question will make you aware of the most important thing your product is supposed to do.

Make their job easier

So you have solved the problem and that should be enough. right? Solving a problem is just the basic entry point for entering the market. Your product should make it extremely easy for the user to attain his goals with your product.

Even if you solve a problem, but its difficult for the user to operate it, then your product isn't of much use. Make sure you solve this problem in the easiest way possible.

Doesn't waste their time

To make it easier for the user, you have to rip off all the unnecessary functionalities from the product. This means the user should only be presented with the most necessary input options.

Don't waste his time by asking him a hundred different annoying questions even before he starts using your product.

Delight them in this process

So you have made a good product that solves a problem in an easy way without wasting the users time. Now you must understand what separates a good product from a remarkable one.

Users should feel delighted after using your product. You can make a good product “great” by doing various little small tweaks to make it further easier for the user.

Some ways of doing this would be: by giving him a choice of the most common options; by notifying him only of important updates; by automatically managing routine tasks for him; by making it even simpler than how the user expected it to be.

Check these conditions and ship your product only when you are satisfied that it covers these basic points.

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