Seeing The Big Picture

On November 25, 2012

Creating anything great requires lot of hard work. A good product is a mixture of right ideas, right resources, right efforts, and right timing.

You may have to work alone, or with a group of people to create a great experience for your users. In your career, you are likely to work on projects of variable size and duration.

Some projects will take months, while some will take years to complete. Everyday some work has to be done to advance towards finishing the project.

If you are working on any such project you know that, sometimes, things don't seem to be as interesting or challenging as they seemed once.

What went wrong? When you start any new project there is lot of enthusiasm because everything seems new. Ideas keep on coming to the mind. The possibilities are limitless.

Once the major details are finalized, suddenly the project loses its charm because what remains is only hard work and patience. This is why you should always have the big picture in mind.

Seeing the big picture means to have a clear understanding of how the completed work would look like. It can also mean how much value it will add to your personal or professional life.

Small projects require small amount of motivation. Large projects require large amount of motivation, and that too on a regular basis, for a longer period of time.

It doesn't matter whether you are a designer, programmer, tester or a manager, you have to see the big picture.

When you work in big corporations, individual contribution may not seem much when looked separately, but they all add up to the big picture.

Even when you work alone, you have to keep the final goal in mind. Only then will your efforts seem justified.

You should know that you cannot succeed every day in your life. Some days you won't get anything, while on other days you may gain a lot.

There are various scenarios in which seeing the big picture would actually help you better in dealing with the problem at hand.

Sometimes there will be failure. You can cope with failure only if you have faith in yourself and know that finally all things would seem reasonable. You can think how this day will add to your overall goal in life.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle stress and your work seems very insignificant. When this happens it is difficult to give your best to the work at hand. It also affects your general well-being.

Sometimes a day seems meaningless. There is no lesson to be learned and it doesn't advance you towards your goal.

It is especially important in such scenarios that you are aware of the big picture. Once you understand that every effort you spend now will seem relevant in the future, then your failures won't hurt you much.

If you want to make something on your own, it is very important that you always remind yourself of the big picture. When you work alone, there is no one to correct you from making mistakes or to motivate you.

At such times you need something that encourages you to continue your work, and push you till you finish it. Having a clear picture of your goals in personal and professional life, may just be that thing which gives you this encouragement.

When you think of the big picture, before making every major decision in your life, your decisions are likely to be more beneficial for yourself and everyone else.

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