Read. Think. Do. Attitude

On November 4, 2012

I love reading books. Just give me a good book, and I can spend days together without switching on my mac or iDevice.

I have read books that touched my heart and mind. They made me think and learn, laugh and cry, knowledgeable and surprised, puzzled and enthusiastic, wise and stronger. In short, a better person than I would have been without them.

Some books are good and some are not. The funny part is that, you can learn something from bad books too. In this post, I share with you, how to get most out of your reading experience.

First answer honestly to this question- Which type of reading gives proper justice to your time? Reading one good book and applying the things learned from it OR reading hundreds of books and doing nothing.

When you read anything that seems new to the mind, 

  • don't accept it blindly.
  • don't ignore it without giving some thought.
  • don't act upon it without reflecting.
To make the most out of reading anything- be it a quote, an article, or a book, you must follow this simple attitude - Read. Think. Do.

The right way to read and learn anything can be summarized in these 3 little steps:

The purpose of reading is to go through a piece of text and understand it completely. Before moving ahead, make sure that you understood what the author wants to convey. Don't jump to conclusion without spending enough time to understand what has been written.

After reading and understanding the writers point of view, think deeply about it. Based on your experiences, knowledge, and values, analyze it thoroughly. Does it really make sense? What if this happens instead of that? Reflect upon different possibilities. Think deeply about it and make a decision, whether you should apply it or not.

Once you made the decision, do what needs to be done with all your energy, focus and determination. This is the most important part, and that's why it is the toughest to be done. But the earlier steps would mean nothing, if you are not able to apply your learning in your every day life. 

Once you start reading with the Read. Think. Do. attitude, it will soon become a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you will start enjoying this process of improving yourself and actually doing things that make you a better person.

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