Be Your Own Startup

On November 10, 2012

The word "Startup" has become a huge craze today. Everyone wants to work for some cool startup, make awesome new products, and get rich in few years. This desire is further stimulated when you see people sharing pictures and posts, of how cool their startup is and what great life they live.

You should take such information with a pinch of salt. Every startup doesn't have a pool, 4 day work week, or generous stock options. The truth is every startup is not going to succeed. In fact, as per a recent research at Harvard Business School, majority of the startups fail.

So, it's simply not possible for everyone to get a job in such cool startups. The only available options would be to stick with your current job or start a startup yourself. If you don't like your current job, then the only option is to start a startup. This sounds simple, but it's not possible for everyone to do so.

Why? There could be some very valid reasons for not starting your own startup. Maybe, you don't have enough money. Maybe, you feel no one would be as interested as you are. Maybe, you just want to do it as a hobby. Maybe, you are afraid to do it full-time and don't want to leave your existing job.

I know everyone cannot afford to leave their job and work on their passionate ideas full time. But, that's no excuse for not devoting at least sometime daily to work on your own projects. 

Not just projects, but even a complete polished product. Start working on your dream product yourself. There is no need to wait for right time or situation. Starting from today, right now, Be Your Own Startup.

What does it mean to be your own startup? It means to create products/services on your own, independently, and sell them. Instead of waiting for perfect opportunity, create that opportunity yourself by taking actions and moving towards your goal.

You can start working independently and still make remarkable products. The only requisite for taking this approach is having faith in yourself and some patience.

Think about the long-term. Not just few months ahead, but 6-7 years from now. Think about the difference you can make over the long-term. When you make any decision in your life with the long-term point of view, you are likely to make fewer mistakes.

The important thing is to start something as soon as you can. How about beginning it right now? The very fact that you have some time to read this post means you can definitely manage your time more efficiently and actually start doing things, rather than reading about them.

So a good idea would be to start with something small. Start with a small and very basic version of your dream product. Do something, however little it may be, on a daily basis. As you keep on working, you will start getting the big picture soon. These small tiny steps taken over a period of time will convert into something bigger.

People underestimate the power of starting small. This is because every thing around us seems so big, that it makes us afraid of competing with the big players. You don't have to compete with them as long as you are making something new and innovative.

There is market for plenty of players in the same product category, as long as each one of them solves some important problem, at least for a sizable number of users.

Remember that, every startup is different from another one in its own unique ways. These uniqueness can be seen in their goals, daily operations, employee management, or targeted customer types.

Startups are created and become successful for variety of reasons.

Startups can be born out of doing something fun- Masters of Doom.
Startups can be innovative and value based- Made in Japan.
Startups can turn into big empires by one mans influence and decisions- Steve Jobs.
Startups can be born out of curiosity of making things- iWoz.
Startups can become huge by good management decisions from time to time- My Years with General Motors.

The important thing is to act now on your ideas and vision. The perfect co-founder, the perfect job offer, and the perfect time might never come. You will be left with nothing then besides your ideas, just like now. Won't it be worthwhile to trust and rely upon yourself and at least have tried something.

Just keep on building your ideas and giving them real shape and forms. Turn what currently exists only in your mind, to something which people can see and use in real life.

Do little things every day- Choose a name for your startup today, get that domain tomorrow, start designing your product on paper the first week, make a small demo prototype the second week, and so on. Just keep working on them whenever you get time.

The first few steps are the hardest to take. Once you make a start, you can see the path as you move ahead and may reach your destination some day. The only thing you need to do is push yourself a bit hard and get started. Rest will turn out to be fine.

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