Why all indie developers should blog

On July 20, 2012

Why all indie developers should blog

Being an indie developer is a great experience. I enjoy every part of the process involved in making an app- designing, developing, testing and even interacting with customers. The joy that you get when someone tells you how much they liked your app, feels so good and also makes you feel satisfied about your work.

But there is one more thing that i love doing- writing blog posts.

I have been doing this since the last 6 months and i enjoy every part of it. Initially it seems so difficult that you don't know anything about blogging. But, just like developing apps you will slowly realize what it takes to be a successful blogger.

It's a great experience learning how to make a good blog; what kind of ideas to share; how to market your blog; how to increase the traffic on your blog. 

As you develop your own apps you realize there is so much common between having a successful app and having a successful blog. 

Being a blogger will certainly improve your writing skills and how you present your thoughts and ideas to others. If you fail to do it in one post then maybe you will succeed in your next blog post.

You will find that all the skills acquired in blogging prove to be helpful when you decide to publish your app. This will help you in making better descriptions for your app, choose better keywords for your app and choosing the right words in describing your app to others. 

You will even have some good idea regarding how to pull customers in buying your app. 

Sharing your thoughts may also help other budding developers who are yet to do those things which you have already done. Your experiences and mistakes may help them in avoiding them. 

Others may or may not benefit from your blog. But, you will definitely improve with each blog post and will benefit a lot from it in the long term.

Just like content is the king and the minimum thing that's required, as far as blogging world goes. Similarly, having a great quality app is the minimum basic required in order to succeed in the app store.

I know i have found so much helpful information from reading other indie developers experiences which they were kind enough to share on their blog. There is so much to be learnt from successful stories. In the same way, there are a lot of things to be learned from failure stories too.

That's why i strongly feel that each and every indie developer should have a blog in which he shares his success/failure stories, his mistakes/strategies/tips/thoughts on software development and, how he designs/develops/tests his product.

This will create a rich environment for the independent developers of the future. There are so many doubts that they have when they begin their journey as independent developers and i think it would be really cool if they get some insights from other developers who went exactly through the same phase.

I know, i had these doubts when i started out. The internet is already filled with so much useful knowledge and wisdom that can guide you properly. Still, there are often some kind of problems which every one may not come across and may not have found a solution even till now. 

If you find yourself with such a problem and at least made an attempt to solve it then you should probably start blogging right now.

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