Stop Consuming and Start Creating Great Apps

On March 5, 2012

Stop Consuming and Start Creating Great Apps

If you are an app developer like me, have you ever asked yourself a question "How many apps do we consume in a day?". Every mobile user has few specific apps which he uses every day. That's fine. 

What i was wondering was how may of us daily check the new apps available and spend our time using them, trying to understand their design/functionality and finally deleting it after realizing that it's not something we are going to use regularly.

We are in constant search of applications and games by which we can learn probably some new way of designing; Or discover a new functionality; Or to get a new idea. We spend so much time in checking these apps, trying to understand every new feature.

Wouldn't it be better if we spend this time in doing something more productive. Like, how about polishing our own existing app?.

I am also guilty of this addiction of trying new apps every now and then. What i have found out till now is this: Out of every 10 new apps that i try every week, hardly 1 app is left on my mobile by the end of the week. 

Reason:  Of all the apps that are launched every week, hardly 10% of them are of the type which we can call as "Quality" app.

So what i am doing wrong here? Wasting my time to get new ideas INSTEAD of thinking about new ideas itself!!!

There are plenty of resources available on Internet which tell you how to make the next great app, but if we spend our time just reading them and seeing thousands of other apps, then we will never have enough time to make our own great app. And isn't this our main motive, "To create a great app".

Scratching the top of my head over this thought, i have come to the conclusion that, now onwards there will be no wasting time on checking all such apps every day. A few top selling apps are enough to give us the idea about the app quality and what makes a successful app "Successful". 

Now i can spend more time on designing my app, polishing it further and deciding what purpose i want to serve through it. 

What about you? Would you rather spend your time checking several apps across the app store universe, Or stick with working on your own app? 

Would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Image Source : Fotologic

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