How Apple forces us to buy their products

On March 28, 2012

How Apple forces us to buy their products

Apple products have become a household name today. Though they always had their fair share of loyal followers since they started, but these numbers have skyrocketed, especially since the last decade. A little more than a decade ago, Apple still had a successful product in iMacs, but it needed to change something to make a real difference to the world.

This change started with the introduction of a beautiful way to listen to your favorite songs - The iPod. Apple learned quickly from this and went ahead and created astonishingly useful, but as always, beautiful looking products like the iPhone and iPad.

However, relying solely on its loyal followers was not going to help it in becoming what it has become today. For this to happen, apple started doing things that will eventually force people to buy their products. So what does apple actually do that makes a common man leave everything, and wait in queue days together to get his favorite apple product. Let's cover them one-by-one.

They dare to be Original
To be original you have to constantly innovate and research with the user in mind. To know something that a user requires now is tough. To know what a user will need after several years is even more tough. You can only satisfy this need of user by doing one thing- Being Original.

When it comes to creating original products, apple leads the pack. Original people love original products. Copycats prefer copied products. Being original requires a thousand times more effort than being a copycat. You have to make something that has never been done before in the history of the world.

There are no giant shoulders to stand upon. You have to start from the beginning again and again and then again. Apple has retained this beginners approach even after existing for more than three decades.

Holding an original product in your hand separates you from the rest of the copycats. Originality defines uniqueness. It feels good to be unique. It makes you feel that you are special. Apple makes you feel special.

Extremely focused on creating Superb Quality Products
If you have ever used any apple product, then there is no need for me to explain it to you. For those minorities of people who still haven't, just get your hands on any apple product and by that i mean any product-an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, mac-mini, mac book air, anything.

The first thing that you will like about the product is the quality of the hardware used- the casing, the display, the buttons, the uni body architecture of macs. Everything is top-notch. The best available in the market.

This is not just limited to the outside view. Even inside they use robust hardware components. That's why apple products last for many years and still give same top-notch performance. This reassures a potential customer to invest in apple products because he knows they will last longer than the competitors products.

Same quality can be seen in the applications and software that extract the real juice from such powerful hardware. This overall sync of great quality hardware with a great quality software results in a product that has quality written all over it.

You fall in love even before using them
Yes. Before using something, you have to actually unpack it from the box in which it came. This is where apple still scores high over other similar products. Even the thought and designing that has gone in packaging the product is simply breathtaking. When you come home, take out the box, and slowly start opening it, the very first experience of taking the product out of the box is beautiful. 

Everything is neatly arranged and self-explanatory. Deep thinking has been done in even simple tasks like giving a small plastic slip to lift your iPod. The manuals, earphones, everything in its own proper place.

You may think that i am highly exaggerating this, but i am sure you will feel the same if you just try to remember which other product was packaged so beautifully.

You fall in love again after using them
Once you start using them, you realize the quality factor isn't just limited to packaging and hardware. Even much higher level of thinking has been spent on creating the simplest possible way of using a high-end technology product that does everything.

The first touch experience is magical. It's not a little or twice better than the other products that are available in market. It's many many times better than almost all the competitors products. Combining this with the simplicity of performing the common operations is even more magical. 

Applications are available for almost every variety of user. Check for any application in the app store. You are sure to find something that uniquely fulfills your needs. From the most simple ones to the most feature-rich ones. 

They are innovative, easy-to-use, beautifully designed. Every now-and then you hear about an application that has made it big by providing even a simpler way of doing some difficult task. 

You get so used to performing a particular task in a particular way that it almost becomes your second nature. This creates a comfort zone which you don't want to leave.

Knows that the customer experience isn't over yet
The customer support is at par with the products. There is difference between a customer care executive who listens and nods to you & someone who actually tries to understand your problem and helps you in solving it as soon as possible.

Apple know this and takes extra efforts in providing a good customer experience. This is what makes people stand in long queues to buy something on the day it's launched because they know that even if there are some problems with the product, apple will take care of it.  

In Retrospect
Changing the way people do their daily tasks is not a joke. Creating a phone that can be operated using the easiest pointing device-the fingers, require a giant leap in thinking ahead. Though its well researched, still its a kind of gamble & Apple plays this gamble because it knows that as long as they continue providing customers with great quality products that will really simplify their lives, they are in safe hands.

A lot of people, especially those from technical background, complain about apple products being too dumb or too costly. The truth is, they have never used any of these products before. They only make these assumptions based on the hardware specification or pricing.

If you want to understand the difference, then go and actually use any apple product for sometime. Do the same tasks on your iPhone that you do with your other phones. Do this for sometime and you will start feeling the difference soon.

Technology should be simple to use. Even highly skilled technical people will love to do things in a simple way. It's very easy to provide all the features and possibilities to the users. But doing this only results in confusion and chaos. Make the technology as simple to use as possible. Apple does this and this makes people more productive. 

The human brain is very good when it comes to doing one task at a time. Give it more than that and the performance starts suffering. Mistakes start happening and this leads to irritation and frustrates the user. Let the user do the thing for which he actually came for. Why bother him with stuff that's unnecessary and not required at all. Apple knows how to make this possible because it has already done this with all of its products.

When you are given such excellent product and services, it forces you to trust the brand again and again

Based upon all these experiences one thing starts becoming clear to you- that Apple cares about you. 

They care about how you feel when you first open the box and take out the product; they care about how you feel when you hold and look at the product in your hands; they care about how you feel when you start the product for the very first time; they care about how you feel when you use these products in your day-to-day life; they care about how they can make your task as simple as possible; they care about how your family and kids use the product by censoring any objectionable material.

This caring nature is very contagious. The next time you want to buy any technology-related product you will be automatically forced to check first, whether apple has any product for that category.

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