Top Reasons to get yourself an iPod Touch

On February 3, 2012

Top Reasons to get yourself an iPod Touch

It's been quite a while since i am using my iPod Touch. If you are an indie iOS developer the cheapest option for you to check your app on an actual device is the iPod Touch. But for others who just need an all-in-one entertainment device that they can easily carry with them everywhere, the iPod Touch is the best option.

After using a lot of apps, and playing a lot of games, i realized that perhaps this is the best iOS device for anyone who wants to own a great feature-rich apple device, but is on a tight budget. So besides playing your favourite music and videos if you are wondering what else you will get from it, Read on:

The Best Touch Experience Money Can Buy
Yes. that's right. There is no touch based device at this price that even comes close to responding to the users touch as smoothly and as accurately as an iPod Touch.  For 199$ nothing beats the touch quality of this device.

Great Quality Apps
There are plenty of great apps available that you can download from the Apple Store. With over half a million apps available for iOS based devices you can stay rest assured that you will never run out of great quality apps that suit your taste.

Great Games with Fresh & Innovative Gameplay
If you like playing games you will simply fall in love with this device. There are some superb games available that provide unique game-play experience, something quite different from what you are used to playing on your traditional consoles and PC.

HD Video Recording & Crystal Clear Display
With HD video recording you can record videos at 720p (i.e. 1280x720 resolution), which is good enough for normal use. Also the display quality is superb whether you are watching videos, surfing internet or reading books on your iPod.

A Beautiful Piece of Hardware
If all these things don't excite you, still you will be a proud owner of a beautiful looking object. The finishing of the iPod is excellent and you will never get tired of appreciating its simple and elegant design and the pride that you feel from carrying it in your pocket.

That's all for now. Going back to playing games on my iPod. 

Image: Just a snap of my favourite game-NinJump on my iPod.

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