Going Indie All The Way

On February 18, 2012

Going Indie All The Way

There are a lot of developers out there who, sometimes, seriously question themselves about the value of the work they are doing. If you are happy with your current job, then it's great. But i am sure at least some of you (or maybe many) wonder what if they take a chance and try to make it all alone. There are lot of "ifs" and "buts" that we have to consider before taking such a bold step.

So based upon my little experience, i would like to share with you the pros and cons of going indie, all the way.

First, the Pros
  • You are your own master, the king of your castle, the hero of your story (i can go on and on). The point is you only have to report to yourself for every work that you do.
  • Flexible Work Timing. Some people are more productive in morning, some in the afternoon and some at night. Choose the timing which suits you best.
  • Life becomes less stressful. There are no strict deadlines to be met. Nobody to yell at you. 
  • You become more human. Humans are not machine. Then, why should they run like one? For a fixed time with expected outputs.
  • Your creative juices start flowing again. Explore the possibilities. Break away the boundaries that were limiting you. Be Fearless.
  • Always thought about making your own application/game someday. Finally, That day is here now.
  • Your belief in Superman is restored. What with doing so many things on your own: generating idea, designing, developing, testing, publishing, marketing, monitoring, supporting. Yes, you have to be Superman.
  • You learn to respect other people involved in product development. Are you that type who looks down upon a Tester? Or think the marketing guy doesn't know anything? Well, not anymore. You will know that their role is as important as anyone else in creating a successful product.
  • You understand every aspect of product development. The overall experience you gain from doing all the things by yourself is huge.
  • The time saved, as you no longer need to commute to your workplace, can be used more productively.
  • You feel more comfortable while doing work. Wear shorts, round-necks or whatever. Who cares?

Then, the Cons
  • "You resigned from your job?" "What's wrong with you?" "Are you insane?" "That was a big mistake" "You will never make it". Get used to hearing these things more often.
  • Your source of income stops. Unless you have some backup, it's going to be very tough. Perhaps, this is the biggest barrier that prevents many of us from taking the indie route.
  • No deadlines and nobody to answer to may make you relaxed and lazy. Don't lose your focus. Remember your purpose and keep refreshing it  every day in your mind. 
  • No more interaction and gossiping with peers may cause loneliness and  boredom. 
Well, that's all i guess. Think about all these factors while making your decision and once you have decided your path, stick with it. 

Image Source : Marie in NC

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