Advantages of iOS Developer over Android Developer

On February 10, 2012

Advantages of iOS Developer over Android Developer

Welcome back. In this post i would like to share with you why i decided to be an iOS developer instead of Android Developer.

To be honest i was blown away by the features provided by android and the power of android. Imagine having the ability to change everything on your mobile. You can develop a new Dial Pad for your mobile if you don't like the default one. You can make another application to handle all your sms instead of the default one and so on.

However, as i started learning about the iOS platform i realized that if i want to publish an app as an indie developer than iOS was my best choice. So let's see what makes iOS a lucrative choice for an indie developer over Android.

iOS Developers earn more  than Android Developers
As per Distimos Annual Report for 2011, iOS Developers made more money than Android Developers (source As per the report Apple App Store for iPhone generates about four times the revenue that is generated in the Google Android Market. That's a good reason to choose iOS over Android.

Easy to test your apps thoroughly
There are only a handful of iOS Devices that you will need to test your apps. Thus, you can be sure that when you release your app it is going to run smoothly on each and every iOS Device. Also, all these devices are very popular, that's why it's easy to find someone using an iphone/ipod to test your app.

Again match that with the diversity of android devices which make it impossible to check your app on each and every device available in market. Even if the device features are same, yet the hardware inside the phone may belong to different manufacturers. Some hardware may not support the functionality that your app requires, as smoothly as other manufacturers hardware. Thus, the same app may not run similarly on two devices even with same technical specifications.

Less Resources for Development
If you are going to develop for iOS platform you have to consider only two possible screen sizes (320x480 and 640x960) unless you are also developing for iPad. Also, even if you support just one screen size (320x480) it would run perfectly on higher resolution iPhone/iPod.

Compare that to the thousands of Android Devices available with so many of them having specific resolutions. Though you can shrink/stretch an image to fit a particular resolution, but that requires extra work on your part. iOS just reduces your work by maintaining screen size across different versions.

Using Your App will Always be a Great Experience
The touch response of all the iOS Devices is great and you will be very satisfied when you use your app on them. Apple products  are always built using the best quality display and hardware components. Thus, you can be sure that your app will look great and respond quickly.

You will also find some excellent mobile phones running Android. But there are also a lot of android based handsets that are built using cheap components and use very poor quality  display material. So even though you make a terrific app, but using your apps on such low quality handsets will deeply disappoint you. 

I know that there are also a lot of advantages in using Android over iOS, but if you are an indie developer than you should definitely think about developing for iOS.

Image: My iPod HomeScreen

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