Why I Created My Blog

On January 2, 2012

Why i Created My Blog

Hello Friends.

It feels great to have my own blog (finally). Before sharing my experiences and thoughts on Technology, Software Development and this wonderful journey called Life, I think its best to share my reasons for creating this blog:

  • Till now, I have benefited a lot by reading other peoples blog. So many times when i needed some information(i.e. help) regarding some personal problem, some technical problem or just anything about life, i was always able to get it, thanks to the person who had decided to share his knowledge about it.
    Having my own blog will help me in sharing my experiences and hopefully someone may benefit from them, just as i benefited from other peoples experiences.
  • Secondly, I strongly believe that each of us has got some unique talent in which we are really good(if not among the best!). Sharing our thoughts about something, in which we greatly excel, helps others .
  • Its good to share our experiences and thoughts, whether good or bad. If i achieve success in something, then others can learn from my experiences, and may apply some of my tips to succeed themselves. If i fail at something, then others can avoid the same mistakes that i did and try a different approach.

Hope my insights and experiences will benefit someone, someday.

Closing on that note, let me wish you a great year ahead and hope you achieve your dreams or at least move closer towards them in the coming year. See you.

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